बुधवार, 2 फ़रवरी 2011

back again

Dear friends,

I am back again after ages. I have been going through the web blogs of Shri Amitabh Bachchan, and I found that despite being so busy and taken up in his own world of cinematography, which transcends viewers all around the globe, yet he manages to update his blog on a daily basis. This is the commitment, I think, all bloggers need to adopt, so as to be able to do justice to oneself and to the readers too. Of course, the aspect of quality also need to be preserved.

Well, I have, kind of, decided to keep myself and my dormant blog updated onwards. I know, it requires, commitment, towards which, I am rarely committed yet, I shall try my best.

Lately, I have been interested in reading books of different contents, like a bit of Robin Sharma, Dr. Brian Weiss (many lives many masters) and of course, The Secret. I consider these types of books to be real guides as far as the development of one's personality is concerned. for example, in "The Secret", much is talked about the 'law of attraction'. indeed, if one thinks well, this is the ultimate law, just like any other law of nature, which many have termed in different names. Some, even call this our 'karma', others even believes it to be God.

the law of attraction is simple. whatever we think, our thoughts are dispersed into the universe, where there is a concentration of energy which grasps our thoughts. there, thoughts are gathered in categories. so, basically, similar kinds of thoughts, are zipped in there. then, they are sent back to their source, in bulk. in others words, if we think of something positive, and if we firmly believe in that ('passionately', as the writer says), we are sure to be getting positiveness back, in bulk. the same situation applies for our negative thoughts. this is why, it is said that, we only decide what we shall be in the future.

well, this may sound absurd to some but yet, to me, it a reality. a simple exercise, one can practise. think about ourselves, the day we start complaining about certain things, and we become demotivated, this keeps on growing until after certain days, we feel that our complaining attitude is part and parcel of our behaviour. I believe that this book, and many others like this boost up our self-confidence and makes us feel more powerful from within.

for today, that was it friends.

I hope to be back soon for another post.

till then, take good care of yourselves.